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(6) Attracting High Caliber Employees

In this series we are discussing the benefits of employee training as it relates to the CNC machining industry, and why it's critical in today's manufacturing environment. A common objection we hear on this subject is, "Why should I train my employees, they will just leave and go somewhere else." The answers to this question are too numerous to list here, but this is a great conversation piece. The quote by Zig Ziglar is helpful to put this in context. “The only thing worse then training an employee and losing them, is not training them and keeping them.”

In part 6, we are discussing attracting higher caliber staff as a benefit to employee training. How being known as a company that provides good & consistent employee skills training, you begin to be seen as a company that helps it's employees. As word gets around, higher caliber candidates will start showing up when you have vacancies. This is particularly true when we adopt a continuous training mindset throughout our company. When our CNC staff receive the proper skills training, it provides us with a wealth of benefits, which is our topic in this series.

Previously on this Subject

The Windup

Previously, we made the case for employee training in terms of improved morale and improved employee retention. Imagine for minute what those two improvements would mean to your company or department. What would it be like if morale improved by 25%? What would it be like if key employees stuck around 25% or 50% longer? Now imagine a workforce that is more flexible in the sense that you can mix and match labor to address workflow bottlenecks with employee's that are happy to help! When you start to visualize what this improved workforce looks like, and you add in higher productivity rates and reduced costs, as a manager or business leader, it would appear that you are on top of your game. Business is "running on all cylinders", metrics are improving across the board, and the boss is happy.

That sounds pretty amazing right? What owner or manager would not want this for their organization? We could stop there for sure. If those benefits alone don't sway your decision, I'm not sure anything will.

The Pitch

Now that your company's skill set is improving and everything is looking up because you've committed to skills training, something else begins to happen. One of the most powerful forces in the business world begins to shift and it begins to work in your favor. That power is the "word of mouth". We typically talk about "word of mouth" advertising on the sales side of business, but it also works on the labor side, and the best companies out there are masters at this. As we begin to reap the benefits that we've previously discussed from training our employees, a shift begins to take place, and our employees begin to talk. They talk to friends, to family, to colleagues. They talk about how things are going really good at work, how they're getting trained on something new, maybe something exciting, they talk about how they feel valued; I think you get the point.

Our employees are some of, if not our best advertisers, and as they begin to talk, and word begins to spread, the next time we have a job opening, the quality of candidates magically seem better. And this effect begins to snowball. our organization can reach new heights.

About g3cnc

G3cncs training modules are a powerful tool to achieve the type of skill and effectiveness you want with your employees. Skilled employees make the job of everyone them easier and put you into a position where your organization is running like a finely tuned race car.

G3CNC takes the burden off your internal resources by providing all the training resources that a modern machine shop needs to keep your employees engaged in their work, inspired, and performing at their best.

If you’re intrigued and interested in developing higher skill levels, please contact g3cnc today to begin a discussion around how we can help you accomplish this

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