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Harnessing a passion for modern neuroscience, advanced learning technologies and a love for manufacturing efficiency, G3CNC is changing the game in CNC machining excellence through targeted & systematic employee trainings that are simple, affordable and effective. 

Discover your businesses full potential, starting today!

Changing the Game

G3CNC is uniquely impacting the training space for CNC machining to attract more talent and drive rapid results.  Incorporating advanced learning technologies including artificial intelligence, we specializes in "capturing" employees into the CNC machining industry, boosting employee retention rates, morale, knowledge & productivity.

Increased Productivity

Reduced Labor Costs

Qualities of Work Ethic 

A female employee doing QC

Very Helpful

 "I didn't even really know where to start, so Brett was and continues to be very helpful. I still text him with questions all the time lol. Learning how to run CNC machines has given me real stability for the first time, and I like not having to rely on others. Looking forward to the next step. ”

Christine M

Engineer / CNC Operator

New Jersey

Audio Engineer

Highly Recommend

"Properly trained machine operators are able to keep the machines running  longer without requiring assistance. This is something we were lacking and the one thing that I really needed. I was spending more time on the floor than I was in the office running my business. This course was really helpful for our Operators but also for me. Over time I had lost track of what my expectations were for my people, but I have that back now and feel re-charged. So thank you. I highly recommend for other family run companies to free up your time to work on your business."

Steve P. 

Machine Shop Owner

Deer Park, NY

g3cnc (48).png

Great Resource

“What a great resource Brett was for me when I was asked to take over a Swiss turning department. We were able to learn best practices and programming with Star CNC machines. It was all extremely professional and effective training. I would recommend his company to any company that needs training or machine setup assistance.”

Mike D. 

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Lancaster, PA

Make your business success a priority, get started today!

Unprecedented Times

2.69 Million
manufacturing workers
will retire by 2030

Pennsylvania manufacturing workers retiring per year

higher profit for companies that continually invest in employees skill training

Stop thinking about training your staff, enroll now and let us take care of it for you. 

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