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(2)Happier Employees & Better Workplace Morale

Actualizado: 11 feb 2023

Happier Employees & Better Workplace Morale

Previously we talked about Employee Retention as the #1 benefit of Training of Employees. If you missed Employee Retention you better take a few minutes and catch up. You can read it here.

Number two on the list, is employee morale and workplace attitude. When CNC staff receive the right training, it provides you, as a business, with a far more engaged, vibrant, and generally much happier workforce. A happy workforce and workplace tend to translate into lower staff turnover and improved productivity.

Manufacturing companies with happier employees are doing better in almost every measurable metric. One study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. But the benefits don't end there. When one's employees are happy, organizations thrive.

· Happy Employees = Happy Customers

· Happy Employees Perform at a Higher Level

· Happy Employees = More Money for the Business

Let’s unpack this a bit more. When employees feel like they are part of something, feel engaged in their work, and that they can use their creativity, they generally consider themselves to be “happy” at work.

The bottom line here is that happiness is linked to higher productivity and people need to be continually challenged in their work, and have opportunities for continual growth to remain engaged and productive.

That is certainly something we can help with.

To create a happier workforce, training in certain topics can be useful, such as:

  • Leadership: Because it is training that can help your managers to better understand how to make all employees feel included and valued in the workplace.

  • Technical Training: CNC machining is technical to the core. There is an endless array of training we can provide to our employees, who we demand work to exacting dimensions. They should receive regular training on commonly used measuring equipment, material handling equipment, machining techniques, using new types of tooling, all of which will give them the confidence they need to do their work effectively and efficiently. We’re always amazed at the limited knowledge production personnel have of even commonly used metrology equipment. A simple training a comparator digital readout can reduce inspection times by 80% and give your staff additional confidence in their measurements. When it comes to CNC machinery, training should be geared towards making your employees more efficient & more confident.

  • Digital: If you’re a modern manufacturer, you have employees who spend a significant portion of their workday using CAD, CAM & modeling software. It is well worth considering providing them some understanding of digital wellness and well-being. Regular trainings on commonly used software will make your employees better at what they do.

Contact G3CNC today to learn more about how we can be a valuable resource for not only providing continual training to your new employees, but also managing the trainings to relieve the burden from your internal resources.

Contact us today for a free consultation

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