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  • Brett Clutter

Spring Brings New Life

Actualizado: 17 abr 2023

I love this time of year in Pennsylvania! Where we live out here in Hamburg, birds are singing, the sun is shining, flowers are everywhere, trees are bursting with color, the grass is brilliant green. There is new life everywhere, people are outside everywhere you look taking advantage of the newly warm weather. You can feel the excitement in the air! When I decided to right a blurb about our newest training product, the "online" version of one of our most popular trainings called CNC Operator, I was struck at the similarities between this training and this time of year.

Time for a New Approach to a Common Problem

We all know that companies often hire inexperienced folks to perform the more mundane production roles, which we call "CNC Operators". We use this title to describe the folks who we hire to keep our CNC machines running all day, every day. If we're lucky, these people also fumble around with a micrometer to inspect parts and complete the associated paperwork. When you really think about it, putting folks with no experience in front of machines that cost us $100's of thousands, and putting our quality reputation in their hands is almost crazy.

I'm not faulting anyone for this and would do the same thing, and have, when in that position. With CNC Machinist pulling in $35+/HR, Amazon starting people with no experience $26/hour, and half of the workforce not interested in working, we're left to fight over the rest. It is what it is.

We’re Letting Them Slip Through our Fingertips

So, what do we end up doing with these people? How long will they stick around? Are we missing opportunities with these "green" employees? Will they ever become trusted and valuable employees? I say yes, they can and should be.

This role has one of the highest turnover rates in our business, so these people are not always sticking around for very long. And when they leave, most will leave manufacturing altogether. Gone, forever to some other industry. The ones that do stick around long term, often don't progress much from where they start. Not cool. I believe that these people are one of the greatest untapped resources that we have in an already resource depleted industry; and we’re letting them slip through our fingertips.

Get us in Front of These People Immediately

The G3CNC CNC Operator course is designed to capture these entry level folks for you before they jump ship to Amazon or Walmart. We want to help open their eyes to the long-term picture, a picture with greater earning potential and the ability to master a skill in manufacturing. A picture where in 4-8 years, if they commit to learning and taking responsibility for their work, they will earn significantly more than any of those entry level Amazon employees.

We want to drill into their heads exactly what the responsibilities are of the role and how to excel at each of these responsibilities. There is a science behind how we do this, and we we discuss that in the course. We have compiled and synthesized a 10-part checklist that we call the "Blueprint" that gives these folks the exact recipe for excelling in their role.

Finally, the course discusses at length personal initiative, work ethic, and attitude along with a range of other personal attributes that we want to impart on them, and to inspire and motivate. Through our soon to be launched online members community, they will have direct access at any time for questions and advise from instructors and resources to help develop interpersonal skills and good work habits.


We have designed every aspect of this training with these entry level people in mind. The training has no complicated technical language, contains a ton of upbeat video content, and was built to be as easy to use as possible. And because it’s online, they can start and stop whenever works best for them and you.

New Life

The similarities between this training and this time of year are compelling. Like spring, this course is designed to bring new life to these folks, bring new life to an otherwise stagnant industry position, and develop new growth in the people and the companies they work for. I can’t reveal all our secrets yet, but there is excitement building in the air about this launch.

We have much work to do, but we are scheduled for this unique and transformative online training to launch for pre-registration on May 15, 2023. We’ll keep you posted as it gets closer. Until then, I hope you take some time to get outside and enjoy this time of year.

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