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Affordable Online CNC Operator Training Course

Actualizado: 25 may 2023

The US manufacturing labor market is in a crisis, this isn’t exactly breaking news. This is a common talking point in the CNC industry here in Pennsylvania and around the country. More than any one subject, this topic is what business owners and managers talk to me about as I go from shop to shop. So, what do we do about it? Typically, we resort to hiring people with minimal or no experience becuase we have no other choice. Statistics show that these people won’t stay long. Actually, most of them will leave the industry altogether, probably forever. That’ hursts! This is exceptionally painful in an industry that is starved for people, and it’s painful to your wallet. The cost of employee turnover is 33% of an employee’s annual salary. To put that into perspective, for each employee that is hired at $100K, the company will spend an additional $33K to hire said employee. And that doesn’t include the cost to the business from the massive disruption employee turnover causes.

Studies show that it is during the initial 90-day period that a staggering 45% of new employees leave the company. But why?

And how can we reduce this this costly employee turnover business? How can we let these people walk off to another industry when we have such a glaring industry-wide need?

Affordable Online CNC Operator Training

The answer to these questions is simple, the solution is a bit more complex. It is with these questions in mind that we have developed our first online contribution to the solution, the “CNC Operator PRO” course. Taking a popular local course and converting it to an online version, available nation wide, we hope to impact this situation utilizing some cool, modern learning techniques.

If you could reduce your employee turnover by 25%, what would that mean to your company?

Monetarily the answer is fairly simple, if you hire 5 employees per year that make $60K, on average the cost to you would be $100K (5 x $20k). A 25% reduction in that number would be an extra $25K in the company profit column. But what I’ve learned over the years is that the real cost to employee turnover is much more costly and more difficult to quantify. The disruption to your business can have ripple effects that last for years.

Did you know that experts expect the manufacturing labor shortage problem to escalate rapidly in the next 2-3 years?

With the baby boomers retiring, another 2.69 mill manufacturing workers will retire by 2030. How much knowledge do you think is leaving with them? With the days of the baby boomers actively coming to an end, younger employees with a new mindset will begin to dominate the picture. Three out of four employees will be Millennial or Gen Z by as early as 2025!! Whoa! This is happening rapidly.

Companies that are aware and plan accordingly can position themselves ahead of their competition as this transition rapidly unfolds. We want to help your business in this transition, by utilizing this information to your advantage, to give your company a unique edge going into the future. Did you know that 87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace is important to taking a job, and to staying at a job?

The G3CNC “CNC Operator PRO” course focuses on capturing entry level CNC Operator candidates into our industry, and to help your company and the industry slow & reduce turnover. We teach the foundational skills your employees need to find their work interesting, to excel in their work, and drive increased performance. Our solution uses modern technology & modern learning tactics to instill in these folks the qualities of work ethic more common in previous generations.

“CNC Operator PRO” is the centerpiece in a series of courses built to develop the “Fundamental” skills required to excel in a CNC machining environment. Skills that when applied will:

  • Accelerate your business growth.

  • Gain a unique advantage over your competitors.

  • Drive a stake in the heart of complacency.

  • Turbocharge your CNC production.

  • Improve employee engagement.

Following months of development work, this unique training course for employees of CNC machine shops will be available for a limited time for the price of a drill bit.

Help your business reach its full potential.

Preregistration is available the week of May 15th only!

Preregister today to take advantage of this initial offering

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