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(4)Adaptable and Flexible Workforce

Actualizado: 19 dic 2022

In this series we are discussing the benefits of employee training as it relates to the CNC machining industry and why it's critical in today's manufacturing environment. A common objection we hear on this subject is, "Why should I train my employees, they will just leave and go somewhere else." The answers to this question are too numerous to list here, but this is a great conversation piece.

In part 4, we are going to unpack a more adaptable and flexible workforce as a reason you should break out of old habits and provide continuous training to your CNC employees.

Adaptable and Flexible Workforce

When our CNC staff receive the proper skills training, it can provide us with a flexibility we've often dreamed of. Who hasn't been in a scenario where an employee that is out sick and on PTO creates a bottleneck in which we have to wait for them to return to address. Imagine telling a customer that their entire production line must shut down because we have an employee on vacation! Obviously, we would never say this, we would come up with some fancy word salad, to tell the customer anything but this truth. This can be an unfortunate reality in skilled working environments, especially true in our CNC world.

Now imagine the alternative, where cross training is common enough that customer deadlines are not held hostage by employees taking time off. Imagine being able to flex resources to address production bottlenecks on a weekly or even daily basis. Flexibility is king in our fast paced, demanding work environments.

Training is key if you want to make your company as versatile, adaptable, and flexible as possible.

At certain times, as a company, being able to adapt very quickly to market conditions such as during a pending recession (or during a pandemic) can in certain situations, save or greatly help your business. Having staff who are trained to be adaptable and to have skills that can be adaptable can be extremely useful.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the ultimate lesson for all of us in this regard. Businesses literally went belly up because of the lack of employee resources. Having a flexible employee pool is rule #1 for powering through such times.

With staff who are open to adapting and being crossed trained, you'll be positioned to flex resources quickly when the time comes.

G3cncs training modules are a powerful tool to achieve the type of flexibility you need with your employees. Flexibility will make everyone's job easier and position you better to address customer deadlines and changes in your workload.

If your intrigued and interested in developing this type of flexibility, please contact g3cnc today to begin a discussion around how we can help you accomplish this.

G3CNC takes the burden off your internal resources by providing all the training resources that a modern machine shop needs to keep your employees engaged in their work, inspired and performing at their best.

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