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(3) Increased Productivity

Actualizado: 19 dic 2022

Previously in our series about the benefits of training your CNC employees we talked about Happier Employees & Better Workplace Morale as the #2 benefit of Training of Employees. If you missed Employee Retention, please take a few minutes and catch up.

In this series we are discussing the benefits of employee training as it relates to the CNC machining industry and why it's critical in today's manufacturing environment. A common objection we hear on this subject is, "Why should I train my employees, they will just leave and go somewhere else."

In part 3, we are going to unpack the increased productivity as a reason you should break out of old habits and provide continuous training to your CNC employees.

Increased Productivity

When CNC staff receive the proper skills training, it increases productivity, often dramatically. That seems like an obvious conclusion, and some would say it's common sense. The effects of skills training on productivity are actually quite interesting and more dynamic than it may appear on the surface. Before we unpack this, it's important we are on the same page about what productivity is.

Productivity, in economics, measures output per unit of input, such as labor, capital, or any other resource. Productivity in the workplace refers simply to how much "work" is done over a specific period. In terms of machine operators, most of the variables are fixed, ie.. cycle time, breaks, planned stoppages for tool changes or chip removal is necessary.

Productivity in terms of CNC machine operation is simply how much product an employee produces over a period of time. When we dig into productivity there are some interesting findings. Naturally, an employee provided with the appropriate job and skills-based training is going to understand their job better, than without the training. Yet, for some reason, as mentioned earlier, a surprising number of employees (and managers) do not get the proper training. In one survey, for example, we found that over 35% of managers had received insufficient training.

Poorly trained employees are likely to feel undervalued, which will reduce workplace productivity, loyalty and engagement. If all your employees are making the same careless mistakes and performing poorly, it’s time to assess the type and standard of training you provide.

By giving your employees the necessary skills the first time, you will reduce the time, money and resources needed to rectify mistakes. Once you invest in your employees’ training, you’ll see productivity and profits soar.

Now that you understand the correlation between training and productivity, the next logical question is what training. But don't worry, we've looked into that for you! The answer to this question is machine training, understanding drawings, and competency with measurement tools and methodology.

1. Machine Training

Employees with a greater comfort level navigating the CNC machine on average produce at higher rates and more consistently. The natural assumption is to think that an employee who runs the same machine(s) everyday would have a high comfort level with the equipment, and that may be true. But that's only part of the story. The employees who have a high comfort level navigating minor unplanned stoppages, preventing stoppages, and diagnosing minor issues show higher productivity rates. Many operators that run the same equipment daily, still rely on others when unexpected events occur which can dramatically increase the down time. A minimal investment in these individuals will reap dividends in improving productivity and stability in production. The g3cnc Machine Operator Trainings are tailored to specific business needs and to the business's equipment, are designed to boost productivity and make your operators more self-sufficient, confident, and responsible. To learn more about this popular training, please contact us at

2. Part Drawings "print" Comprehension

It' comes a surprise to see this on the list for productivity, but the fact is that employees with a greater ability to read part drawings properly on average have higher production rates. We have found that operators who are not educated on reading "prints", slow down production, make mistakes which reduce production, and are less comfortable determining if they are in fact running good product, and this uncertainty also slows down production. It all boils down to having confidence in interpreting prints quickly and accurate. Not only will this increase productivity, but it will also increase yield. A minimal invest in these individuals will be well worth it to improve productivity and stability in production. The g3cnc Interpreting Blueprints training module is a must have for new hires, machine operators & and really any employee in a machine shop that lacks formal print reading training. This training is also part of employee onboarding training package. To learn more about this popular training, please contact us at

3. Part Measurement

This one feels a bit awkward, because we would assume that our machine shop employees are all competent at using the measuring equipment that we have. Secondly, the correlation between measurement equipment and productivity appears murky.

We often assume that since the employee worked in a machine shop environment prior to being employed with us, that they have this knowledge of inspection techniques and equipment usage. That may be true, but often this assumption it incorrect. Knowledge of metrology equipment is often very limited. Poor knowledge of metrology equipment creates bottlenecks, quality disruptions, and hinders productivity. Take an optical comparator with a digital readout for example. Sure, most employees would say that they know how to use a comparator. But how much do they know?

  • Do they know how to use all the functions on the readout designed to speed the use of, and enhance the capability of a comparator?

  • Do they know how to use surface reflection if available?

  • Do they know how to quickly inspect radii and angles with an overlay?

The answer to these questions is often no. Employees fully trained on the inspection equipment, can unlock the full potential of the equipment, their confidence in their measurements, and build a more robust organization. Of course, it also increases productivity!

The g3cnc Measurement Systems training module will give your employees a thorough understanding of different measurement tools; and how, why, & when to use them. We will also unlock the full capability of equipment that you may be utilizing only a small % of. To learn more about this popular training, please contact us at

G3CNC takes the burden off your internal resources by providing all the training resources that a modern machine shop needs to keep your employees engaged in their work, performing at their best, and increasing your profit margins.

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